Unicorn Girl CAL

Unicorn doll crochet pattern

A pdf version is available for purchase here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/unicorn-girl


- Worsted weight yarn - approx. 80 yards skin tone color, 200 yards white, 50 yards turquoise, 50 yards hair color(s), scrap amount of yellow.
(I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Light Country Peach, White, Robin’s Egg, Orchid, Soft Pink & Sunshine)
- Suggested hook size: 3.25mm (D)

- 2 x 12mm safety eyes
- Black embroidery floss
- Blush
- Polyfil
- Yarn needle

My doll measures 10” tall (minus the horn) when made with the above materials.

You can use any weight yarn or thread that you are comfortable using, just adjust your hook size accordingly.

All of my patterns are tested and checked for errors, however sometimes things get missed, so please feel free to contact me should you encounter any errors in the pattern, or if you need any assistance.

Stitch abbreviations:
Sc: single crochet
Hdc: half double crochet
Dc: double crochet
Tr: treble crochet
Inc: increase
Dec: decrease
Sl  st: slip stitch
Ch: chain
BLO: back loops only
FLO: front loops only

*Pattern is worked in continuous rounds unless noted otherwise*

Part 1:

(Make 2- starting in turquoise)
R1: sc x 6 in magic ring (6)
R2: sc inc x 6 (12)
R3: (1 sc, sc inc) x 6 (18)
R4: 18 sc BLO (18)
R5-6: 18 sc (18) Change to white on the last st of R5
R7: (7 sc, sc dec) x 2 (16)
R8-10: 16 sc (16)
R11: (6 sc, sc dec) x 2 (14)
R12-13: 14 sc (14)
R14: (5 sc, sc dec) x 2 (12)
R15-16: 12 sc (12)
R17: (4 sc, sc dec) x 2 (10)
R18-19: 10 sc (10)
R20: (3 sc, sc dec) x2 (8)
R21: 8 sc
R22: Stuff arms, leaving the top unstuffed, 4 sc across both sides of the top of the arm to close.
Fasten off.

(Make 2- starting in turquoise)
R1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
R2: sc inc x 6 (12)
R3: (1 sc, sc inc) x6 (18)
R4: (2 sc, sc inc) x 6 (24)
R5: In BLO – 10 sc, sc inc x 4, 10 sc (28)
R6: 28 sc (28)
R7: 8 sc, sc dec x 6, 8 sc (22)
R8: sc dec, 7 sc, sc dec x 2, 7 sc, sc dec (18) Change to white on the last st of this round.
R9-10: 18 sc (18)
R11: (7 sc, sc dec) x 2 (16)
R12-13: 16 sc (16)
R14: (6 sc, sc dec) x 2 (14)
R15-18: 14 sc (14)
R19: (5 sc, sc dec) x 2 (12)
R20: 12 sc (12)
Stuff and fasten off the 1st leg but not the 2nd.
Part 2 will be joining the legs and crocheting the body.

Part 2:


Stuff the body as you go.
R1: Joining the legs - Starting where you left off on the 2nd leg, 6 sc (if you are not in the center where the legs should be connected, sc however many will take you to the center stitch and then continue as written), ch 3, 12 sc around the 1st leg, 1 sc in each ch 3, 6 sc around the remaining stitches of the 2nd leg

R2: 6 sc, sc in the other side of the ch 3, 21 sc (30)

R3: (4 sc, sc inc) x 6 (36)
R4-9: 36 sc (36)
R10: (10 sc, sc dec) x 3 (33)
R11: 33 sc (33)
R12: (9 sc, sc dec) x 3 (30)
R13-15: 30 sc (30)
R16: (8 sc, sc dec) x 3 (27)
R17-18: 27 sc (27)
R19: (7 sc, sc dec) x 3 (24)

R20: Attaching the arms: 1 sc, sc into one stitch on the 1st arm and one stitch on the body, joining them together, repeat joining next 3 arm stitches to next 3 stitches on body; 8 sc over to the other side of the body, then sc x 4 joining the 2nd arm to the next 4 stitches on the body; sc in remaining 7 sts on body. (24)
R21: (2 sc, sc dec) x 6 (18)
R22: (4 sc, sc dec) x 3 (15)
Stuff body and fasten off white.

Make the collar – Holding the doll upside down, join turquoise yarn to FLO of R22. Ch 3, 2 dc in FLO 1st st, 3 dc in FLO of each of the next 14 sts (45)

(Make 1 – in pink)
R1: In magic ring: Ch 1, 8 hdc. Sl st join to first hdc (8)
R2: Ch 1, hdc inc x8. Sl st join to first hdc (16)
R3: Ch 1, (dc, tr) in same st, tr x2, (tr, dc) in next st, (dc, hdc) in next st, hdc inc x2, (dc, tr, dc) in next st, hdc inc x2, (hdc, dc) in next st, (dc, tr) in next st, tr x2, (tr, dc) in next st, sl st. 
Fasten off with long tail. Sew to the body.

Part 3 will be crocheting the head and adding a face to your doll.

Part 3:

Stuff the head as you go.
R1: Attach skin tone yarn to BLO of R22 of the body in the back, 15 sc around (15)
R2: (3 sc, sc dec) x 3 (12)
R3: sc inc x 12 (24)
Insert neck support if you are using one, otherwise stuff as firmly as possible.
You can use foam hair rollers, popsicle sticks, plastic spoon, or crochet a tube the diameter of the neck and insert that. All of these methods will help prevent a bobble head.
R4: (1 sc, sc inc) x 12 (36)
R5: (5 sc, sc inc) x 6 (42)
R6: (6 sc, sc inc) x 6 (48)
R7-15: 48 sc (48)
R16: (6 sc, sc dec) x 6 (42)
R17: (5 sc, sc dec) x 6 (36)
R18: (4 sc, sc dec) x 6 (30)
R19: (3 sc, sc dec) x 6 (24)
Insert safety eyes between R12-13, 8 sts apart. Embroider eyelashes.
R20: (2 sc, sc dec) x 6 (18)
R21: (1 sc, sc dec) x 6 (12)
Finish stuffing head.
R22: sc dec x 6 (6)
Fasten off and close up head. Weave in ends.

Stitch a nose using skin tone color between R11-12. 
Add blush to cheeks if desired.

Part 4:

(Make 1 – starting in white)
R1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
R2: sc inc x 6 (12)
R3: (1 sc, sc inc) x 6 (18)
R4: (2 sc, sc inc) x 6 (24)
R5: (3 sc, sc inc) x 6 (30)
R6: (4 sc, sc inc) x 6 (36)
R7: (5 sc, sc inc) x 6 (42)
R8: (6 sc, sc inc) x 6 (48)
R9-16: 48 sc (48) Change to turquoise on last st of R16.
R17-19: 48 sc (48)
Fasten off with long tail. Sew the hat to the head.

(Make 2 – in white)
R1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
R2: 6 sc (6)
R3: sc inc x 6 (12)
R4: (3 sc, sc inc) x 3 (15)
R5-7: 15 sc (15)
R8: (3 sc, sc dec) x 3 (12)
R9: (2 sc, sc dec) x 3 (9)
Fasten off with long tail. Flatten ears (do not stuff) and sew to the hat.

(Make 1 – in yellow)
R1: 4 sc in magic ring (4)
R2: (1 sc, sc inc) x 2 (6)
R3: 6 sc (6)
R4: (2 sc, sc inc) x 2 (8)
R5: 8 sc (8)
R6: (3 sc, sc inc) x 2 (10)
R7: 10 sc (10)
R8: (4 sc, sc inc) x 2 (12)
R9-12: 12 sc (12)
Fasten off with tail. Stuff and sew to the hat.

Part 5:

Long curls
(Make 16 – in choice of colors)
R1: Ch 41, 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 39 chs (80)
Fasten off with tail. Sew 12 down the hat for the mane – in 2 rows of 6. Sew 4 to the body for the tail.

Short curls
(Make 4 – in choice of colors)
R1: Ch 21, 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 19 chs (40)
Fasten off with tail. Sew 2 on either side of the horn.

You're done!

I hope you have enjoyed making your doll as much as I enjoyed designing her.

No unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this pattern or content, in whole or in part, is permitted. You are free to sell any dolls made with this pattern, but please give credit when doing so. A link back to the pattern page is appreciated.

Any additional questions regarding the use of the pattern publication please send an email to neogurumi@gmail.com

Copyright 2017, Jessica Doering, Neogurumi


  1. Thank you for posting this pattern. I love it so far! I just have a minor problem with joining the legs to the body, but I am getting there, slowly but surely. Take care.

  2. I can’t get the right count on the legs and arms I muss be doing something wrong

  3. Hi, what's neogurami? Thank you so much for the free pattern. I'm going to make her for my granddaughter, she will love her.xx

  4. Are we not allowed to print this pattern then?

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  6. Thank you so very much for sharing this pattern with us , gotta make this for my granddaughter. Once again Thank You.

  7. Hello there!!!
    Congrats for the beautiful job!
    Thank u for publish it for us
    I do not understand how to make the Long and short curls. Only chains?

    1. Chain and then turn and crochet up the chain.

    2. I used hdc for the curls and found I got a curlier tail. 2 hdc in 2nd chain from hook and 3 in each chain thereafter. Thanks for the fab pattern, I've really enjoyed it :-)

    3. after u make your chain then do 2 sc in each all the way back and it will curl

  8. HI, thank you for sharing this pattern. Could you let me know which yarn you used for the head? Thank you.

    1. meaning which color. Thanks

    2. Hi there! I used Caron Simply Soft in Light Country Peach. :)

  9. Beautiful doll, my grand daughter will love her. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

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  11. Hi, thank you for the pattern! I am having trouble connecting the legs. Where exactly are they supposed to go together? (back, front, inside the 2 legs?)

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  15. I have enjoyed making this for my great granddaughter. It's a Christmas present. I think she is going to enjoy this one most of all. Thank you so much. This pattern is so quick and easy.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this easy to follow wonderful pattern. My daughter loves her new unicorn girl I made her for her new unicorn/fantasy room. In a week or so there will be a blogpost about her on my blog.

  17. I love this pattern so much! I'd just suggest making sure to let people know if it's continuous rounds or slip stick at the end of some rows.

    I will say though, I've learned a bunch by following this, the legs specifically, I've been crocheting them and just sewing onto the body....not anymore! Thank you!

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  20. Hello. I just finished the doll and sewed her hat on. Still have horn and hair left. I did have a big problem...my counts were right, but I couldn’t sew the arms on like the pattern, her arm would’ve been on her back! Not sure what the issue was, I just did a crochet row, like I was doing the arms, and continued. And I just sewed the arms onto the side on my own.
    Any idea why my counts would be correct, but arms in the wrong place??

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